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LaSonya Livingston is a native Memphian and is very active in the community.  Mrs. Livingston has an Associate’s of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies, Bachelor of Professional Studies in Paralegal Services, and Masters of Public Administration with a concentration in Nonprofit Management.  Mrs. Livingston is married and together she and her husband have ten children, ranging from ages 26 to 12 years old. Being a mother of multi-generation children allows her to offer a unique view to overcoming challenges in life and reaching your best potential.

Mrs. Livingston is the Founder and Executive Director of Ladies of Evolution.  Mrs. Livingston planned and established a vision to cultivate and exalt young ladies living in the Greater Memphis area.  Mrs. Livingston knows that every young lady is priceless with extraordinary talents and substance. Mrs. Livingston also perceives that teen pregnancy and inadequate education are tremendous challenges

in the Mid-South that constitute overwhelming limitations to

young ladies in pursuit of accomplishing their complete capability. 

Ladies of Evolution provides specific programs that concentrate

on assisting young ladies with strengthening leadership abilities

such as representation, skillful conceptions, goal setting, clear

communication and personal accountability. 

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